Parts Specials

  • sidekick-service



    • Replace engine oil & filter 
    • Clean air filter and cab filter (if equipped) 
    • Replace fuel filter 
    • Inspect battery cables, clean terminals, and check battery electrolyte level
    • Inspect and test cranking system, charging system, lights, wiring, instrument panel, gauges 
    • Check fluid levels - engine oil, engine coolant, hydraulic oil, transmission oil, front axle/front knuckle oil levels 
    • Clean radiator, oil cooler, and condenser, 
    • Inspect hoses, belts, fan, and radiator 
    • Inspect exhaust system and muffler
    • Hydraulic bed operation
    • Check free play on brake pedal
    • Inspect steering system, tie-rods, knuckles, and steering cylinders 
    • Check wheel bolt/lug nut torque 
    • Adjust tire pressures 
    • Grease all lube points
    • Check for open warranty campaigns
    • Wash 

      Models Included: RTV-XG850, RTV-X900, RTV-X100, RTV-X1120, RTV-X1140

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    Only at participating dealers. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Refrigerant/freon not included. Expires 3/31/2024.


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